Watching a performance from a band has always been the best experience because so many people enjoy live music with instruments. If you have not had that experience you need to come and watch Yozowo at the next Varcity PikNik.

Yozowo is a band that consists of four young energetic men who met back in high school and decided to form a band.

Why Yozowo?

The band name was triggered by how they interacted with people in a given Whatsapp group where they had a different way of saying hi to people. It started by one saying Yo, then the next person would respond with Zo, and another one with Wo and this became a trend which finally led to the name YOZOWO.

The band consists of Twitch, the guitarist, Kahuti, the vocalist, Alex, the producer and song writer and finally Vanon, vocalist.

Yozowo will be performing at the Varcity Piknik 6th edition that will be happening on 9th of February at our offices in Kileleshwa, Othaya Road gate 25.

The four of them are students from different universities and are taking different courses from their various universities.

They have performed at various events and if you want to listen to the magical voice as they perform, then the place to be is the Varcity Piknik.

You can check them on their social media pages:

@ YoZoWo -Youtube

@YoZoWo -Instagram

@YoZoWo -Twitter

@YoZoWo -Facebook