Did you choose the beard life or did the beard life choose you? Beards say a lot about a man, that’s something both men and women can agree on. Beards may shout manly, attractive, mature, macho, heroic, experienced, the list is endless. It depicts what personality a man has. However, a clean shaven man could be all the above.

What does that beard say about you?

Beards and facial hair is not for every Kamau, Otieno or Ali, a few can pull off the look naturally.  Facial hair is the likes of sideburns, moustache, mutton chops and Fu Manchu (popular with Asians). Then again, there is that label that comes with having a beard. Translated as lack of personal grooming; unkempt and messy or gangster. Beards come with pros and cons, beards can make you a distinguished gentleman or that cocky free spirited guy who lives life a day at a time and never takes life seriously.

A full beard screams maturity.

You have probably experienced life right, left and center. You aren’t tired yet, a full beard is like that white strand of hair that many cultures consider as wisdom. It also has religious affiliations written all over it. Most Muslims wear full beards. And remember the Bible stories? Moses was always having a full beard. It can also be considered as old fashioned.


A stubble

This one can be described as an almost bearded man, almost clean shaven. He is in between. It is said, women are a huge fan of such a man. His kind of beard screams masculinity and he definitely oozes confidence.


A mustache

Who comes to mind? Hitler huh? We have a list to give you a visual for this kind of personality. Theodore Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Mugabe. What do they all have in common? Drunk on power, revolutionary, dictatorial, activists. It also shows rebellion, most bikers rock mustaches that come in all forms of shapes.


A Goatee

This beard gang wins from the ladies. It speaks money, class, fun, excitement and modern man. It captures attention and earns him respect.

Young man smiling, close-up
Young man smiling, close-up

Sideburns say a lot, first of all not everyone can rock this. It screams a strong attitude and great personality. It is hard to find a man who has fine sideburns to be shy. This look is usually edgy, says liberal and is fashionable.

Beards and facial hair need, maintenance to make it work. Someone said the beard gang is for those who can pull that look naturally. Naturally was the key word.