There are 3 kinds of men who have children. The first is the sperm donor, the father and finally the dad. The sperm donor as the name suggests hasn’t done much to their children’s’ lives. The most they have probably done donate the sperm that made the child. These men must think that their children will feed on wild berries and fruits and that they will live in the jungle where they will not need education, medication shelter or even clothing. These are the same men who will say something like “I have a big head; this child has a small head so he is not mine.”Decades later when the baby becomes an Obama they come crawling back to have a piece of the success.

The second category is who I call fathers .Most of the average men fall in this category. These men provide all the necessities for their children. They diligently pay school fees, have taken medical insurance for their children, buy clothes, food provide comfortable homes and generally ensure that the children are sorted. The problem with this kind is that the children’s’ talents, weird dreams or passion doesn’t really matter to them. They won’t even recognize if the child can play the piano, sing, dance or even draw. There focus is mainly on good grades and good behavior and such don’t tolerate any deviance or behavior from their children.

The last category is my favorite, there like rubies and diamonds, very rare and hard to find. These are dads. They bring some warmness to fatherhood. In addition to providing for the children, they play with them and share in their wildest dreams and crazy ideas. Their children are free to confide in them even in issues regarding sex and drugs and other not so convectional topics that parents can discuss with their children.

Now I know being male is not always associated with warmness and so much emotions and feelings but all children really do need a daddy in their lives. Don’t just be a sperm donor, go the extra mile and be a father. Even better be a dad!