Believe or not, Meru students are making this plea to the government after a fire destroyed a dormitory in Nkuene Boys Secondary school in Meru. Yes, times have changed. Now the students are always on a frenzy of striking and burning down the school. Most of them have realized that strikes worsen situations are an additional burden to their parents. In this particular case, students are saddened by their helplessness as they witness such a tragedy.

The fire displaced about 60 students and destroyed property of unknown value completely. The cause of the fire is still unclear but the administration suspect students who were expelled the previous term to be involved.

According to the Daily Nation, the dormitory prefect ,Dennis Muthuri Mbagwa, said the students were not able to salvage their property because they lacked the knowledge on what to do in such circumstances.He added that the Board of Management, in collaboration with the government, should boost security in the area to avoid cases of arson from reoccurring.

Following students complains, the fire fighting department was also a let down as the Fire Brigade responded 20 minutes later yet the school is 20 kilometers from Meru Town. This has been a complain for most fire tragedies leaving us wondering whether the Fire Fighting Department has lost it’s cause. I won’t head down that road cause at this point in Kenya everything seems to have lost it’s sense of direction.
Principal John Kariuki called for calm, saying that there has never been a fire before so parents and students should be calm and they’re sorting the problem out. Luckily no student was injured in the arson.

Area Ward Representative Nick Mburugu urged well-wishers to help the institution rebuild the dormitory.He also says that there reports that some people are planning to burn dormitories in the area and he assure the people that the law will take it’s course.

On the strong suggestion by students to be trained on how to deal with such disaster, I think it’s a worthy suggestion. Many states such as USA, China and Japan have disaster training programs which enable them to handle disasters knowledgeably. Kenya should find a way to ensure all Kenyans have a way to deal with the natural disasters. We can’t always wait for nonsensical ”Serikali iingilie kati…!!”

Either the National Youth Service proposal to be taken seriously or they introduce a school based program suggested by the UNEP or one like the American Red Cross school based program. What’s you take on the training of students on disaster management?

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