Mi Casa Exclusive Kenyan Interview


After the recent Mi Casa performance last Friday at The Alchemist, they had a sit down where they answered all questions.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. How was it performing to your Kenyan fans at the Alchemist and were your expectations met?

Kenya is always great to perform at! The country just gives us a feeling of home! We always feel so welcomed: like we are performing with friends! The atmosphere at Alchemist was incredible: it was really great!

2. Who comes up with the concepts for your musical videos and basic arrangement?

Much like our music and songwriting process, we work together to come up with the concepts which would relay visually the story the music is telling. We are advocates of staying true to ourselves and making sure the process is organic. We always try to push our creative boundaries and lay emphasis on good story-lines.

3. After the success of your latest album Home Sweet Home, are you working on new content yet? What are your next goals as artists?

We are proud of our latest album which contains 25 tracks. We are focusing more on touring Africa more and are also working of new music which will be different to what some may be used to. Like before, we want to break boundaries with our music and creativity. We’ve just tied up tracks with WizKid and Yemi Alade which is really exciting!

4. What is the inspiration behind the song ‘La Vida’ and ‘Jika’?

La Vida was to created to be a vibrant track that really just celebrates happiness in life. Life is beautiful and that beauty sometimes makes emotional at times.

5. In the song ‘Chocolat’ were you singing from personal experience?

Chocolat was written to appeal to the youth. In it is a message race and stereotypes and self-confidence told in a cool and fun way. There is this idea that ‘chocolate’ is only a specific group of people but really, there are all kinds of chocolate! “Vanilla, dark, hazelnut”. The track acknowledges and celebrates the beautiful differences in cool and fun way.

6. Advice to the youth on alcoholism, drugs and sexual practices?

Best leader is yourself. Greatest responsibility is not in what your idols, role models or parents say, but rather what you tell yourself to do or not to do. Take charge of own life.