Migori County governor Okoth Obado on Tuesday admitted to be romantically involved with the murdered Rongo University student, Sharon Otieno.

The governor who is currently serving a second term told investigators that he indeed was dating her for around a year and he was aware of the pregnancy, something he says he was prepared for in terms of taking care of the baby and the mother.

He went ahead to show investigators a series of texts messages both on SMS and Whats app between him and the deceased in an effort to prove his innocence. Plans of him buying her a house were underway even though the two seem to have had disagreements on the location as Sharon wanted a house in Nairobi while the governor wanted to build her a house in Migori.

She allegedly copy pasted their conversation to his wife and his son upon the disagreement something investigators say they will follow up on to see if the incident could have triggered trouble between Okoth and his family.

Meanwhile Okoth did address the media for the first time yesterday together with his family and Kenyans online just can’t believe his family would agree to accompany him with him having dragged them into such a mess.