As the country keeps a focus on matters corruption, Jeff decided to pay a visit to the Kenyans who are living in United States. If someone thought Huduma Number was the only thing Jeff eyed on then you are absolutely wrong. He met Miguna Miguna at Washington D.C

Miguna Miguna has been pulling the mask of the country’s top leadership since 2013.  In 2013,  he was caught up in a dilemma at Mombasa after angry citizens moved to pull off his tar-burn.

In 2018, the self proclaimed NRM soldier found himself in hot soups after the alleged illegal swearing in of former Premier Hon. Raila Odinga. His misfortunes commenced as he was arrested and detained for days before his deportation .

The Come Baby Come narrator is now in Canada since his deportation.Miguna hopes for a new dawn. He still expresses his disappointment at despots in an exclusive interview. What one tend to wonder all through, he seems to be the ideal person who makes no mistake.

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