When earlier on this week Kiambu County governor Ferdinand Waititu’s comments concerning the ongoing demolitions on riparian land went viral, everybody thought it was just a by the way you know the governor is used to making such non-logical comments from time to time.

That was until yesterday when his wife Susan Wangare was arrested and charged with illegal construction of buildings within Nairobi as she did not have the right papers to do so. Then a video of Nairobi governor Mike Sonko which he clearly recorded by himself made it to the interwebs with Sonko admitting that what Waititu and his wife were doing was illegal.

In the video, he proceeds to assure Kiambu governor and his wife that the Kiambu first lady was going to be released immediately following the usual ‘orders from above’ even though that by itself was also illegal as well but their workers were going to remain in custody.

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This incident has caused a lot of anger online especially with how the government has been acting tough lately on government officials but if we are to go what happened yesterday, most of those who are arrested just make calls to their friends in bigger positions and part with small court fines and just like that, the common mwananchi continues to get fooled.

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This also says a lot about the NYS cases that are still pending in court as so far we can see the hype that came with the arrests has sort of died down. There is still a lot arrogance and impunity that has to be taken care of before we can be able to fight corruption in this country.