As Coco Chanel once said,

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

And women carry a lot in their plate indeed, comprising of family, career, friends and the society at large.  Yet here is woman who has devoted her strength, disposition, passion and volition to think aloud not only for herself, but to all the women within Nairobi and beyond.

Meet the warm, high spirited and fascinatingly hospitable Millicent Omanga.


Ambitions and Achievements

Eyeing the Nairobi Women rep seat is not an easy a goal, let alone vying for it. But Millicent is not your ordinary kind of lady. A UoN Graduate with a Master’s Degree in Commerce, she is a proud mother of two kids, Maya and Wayne.


The former chair to the political party UDM (later URP) was also the mastermind behind the TNA slogan, “Kusema na Kutenda”.

The 34 year old vibrant lady is currently the director at KenGen Kenya.

She is also a sole proprietor and founder of Milways Interiors, a proficient interior design company in Nairobi, which is ranked among the best in Kenya.

Political History


Millicent vied and came close to winning the Nairobi Senate seat in the 2013 general elections, slightly losing to the present Nairobi city governor Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko. Her ambitions date from way back in campus where she was a SONU Module 2 Representative during her days in campus.

Millicent Omanga’s manifesto and political innuendo is not yet out to the public because of political-correctness reasons, but the remaining population of Nairobi who are not acquainted with her shall know about this worthy lady in due time. The 2017 race is ON!!

Students Involvement


Omanga has never lost touch with the students since she finished her degree and has been overseeing that productive events organized by the students go through as smoothly as possible and according to plan. She has in the past overseen the end of semester ceremony of the UoN School of Journalism 2015 students at JiwekeTervan, China Centre and in several occasion hosted 2016 students from the University at her warm home over lunch amidst laughter and conversations about development and hospitality.

We wish Millicent the very best in her endeavors.