Miss Daystar 2015/16 Melissa Hanif


     Melissa Hanif is the current Miss Daystar. A lovely confident, cheerful and outspoken personality she is a go-getter. We sat down with the fourth year bachelor of arts in communication and electronic media to learn more about her journey.

    VARCITY: How long have you been a model?

    MELISSA: Professionally, I have been a model for three years.


    VARCITY: What made you contest for the Miss Daystar crown?

    MELISSA:I wanted to be a voice to the voiceless, the face of Daystar and also make an impact using this platform.

    VARCITY: What challenges have you had over the last year?

    MELISSA: Lack of support from the school in terms of funding projects, lengthy procedures to get things done and lack of recognition.

    VARCITY: What was your toughest moment during the Miss Daystar competition?

    MELISSA: The whole experience was tedious. It had more downs than ups ranging from poor planning of the event to inadequate facilities and support from the student government.

    melissa hanif

    VARCITY: What will you not forget from this experience?

    MELISSA: When my creative wear gown made of newspaper and carrots fell on the improvised runway. Despite this, I picked it up, smiled and rocked the runway.

    VARCITY: What projects have you accomplished as Miss Daystar?

    MELISSA: I have done a couple of environment related projects, including one that we cleaned up the environment outside Daystar. I have also worked with Daystar University Resource Mobilization club. Its purpose is to raise funds for needy students in the school.

    VARCITY: What opportunities have you had from being Miss Daystar?

    MELISSA: I have had a chance to model for Samantha’s bridal on wedding and evening gowns.

    Melissa at Samantha Bridal
    Melissa at Samantha Bridal

    VARCITY: Who do you look up to?

    MELISSA: My mum. I have learnt so much from her and I will forever appreciate her efforts as a single mum.

    VARCITY: What is your favorite food?

    MELISSA: Pizza. All day any day.

    VARCITY: What is a must have in your bag?

    MELISSA: Lip-gloss, wet wipes and a hairbrush

    VARCITY: Any last words to any one who would want to contest for the same crown?

    MELISSA: They should be prepared for a lot of challenges but always remember that how they portray themselves is how everyone will address them.

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