Team VarCity had a moment to share with the just crowned Miss University Kenya, Miss Joanne Musumba from KU:

Joanne in one of her projects
Joanne in one of her projects

Who’s Joanne Musumba?

Basically an extrovert, God fearing, social and disciplined lady. Third year student at Kenyatta University persuing Economic and Statistics…I love reading, dancing and doing charity. A go getter.

Ok, what’s your biggest achievement so far?

Winning the Miss University Kenya title. It’s such a prestigious rank and am so proud of myself.

That’s nice, mind sharing the secret behind your success?

Discipline and commitment, that’s it

Um, after getting the crown, what’s next?

I want to go ahead with my project for Pwd’s and give back to the society

That’s a nice course there, as a female icon, what’s your take on the just signed marriage bill?

The Bible prohibits polygamy and as a Christian, that goes without mention that am not so comfortable with it.

Do you think there’s gender equality in Kenya?

We are trying but not yet there

Um, what do you like most about your campo?

The environment, infrastructure and above all their support in nurturing talent ¬†and probably that’s why am who I am today (smiling)

Assuming KU wasn’t there, which Uni would we find you?

Haha, can’t think of any, I just love Kenyatta University

Are you seeing anyone?

Am single and happy

How are you handling the male attention?

Ha ha, um, am just social..waiting for the right time…

What’s your advice to fellow comrades?

Follow your dreams and validate them


By @Slitherbee