A Multimedia University student was arrested a few months ago after he assembled an explosive device. He is now threatening to sue the institution if they don’t apologize for the arrest and compensate him.

Joseph Kamau Ngugi, the student, claims that he was wrongly arrested by the uni’s chief security officer who allegedly also posted pictures of him on social media. Ngugi’s lawyer, Mbugua Mureithi said, “The said arrest and detention of our client was carried out despite his vehement protestation and pleas for verification that the alleged IED was in fact a fake prop that his colleagues had made as part of their examination course work.”

The VC, Festus Kaberia, claimed that the institution did not share any details on the matter s any information released was not by the university.

Ngugi said that the sharing of images of his detention in the chief security officer’s office to Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook was reckless, malicious and deliberately intended to bring him ridicule and lower his reputation.

“The police conducted investigations and found that there was reasonable veidence to conduct investigations during the period that the student was arrested.” The VC said.