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VarcityKenya: So tell us apart from modeling, who is Fred?

Fred: I am a simple and cool guy. An IT graduate, Kenyan/ Ghanian, 6” 0 high and chocolate. (Ladies calm down). My style is a funky urban look and I rarely do suits. I’m an indoor person so I don’t rave but love chilling out. You can find me at Capital Centre if I’m out and about.
VK: What are your hobbies?
FD: I enjoy swimming, bike riding, boat riding, acting, photography, helping the needy and eating… lol
VK: What makes you any different from other models?
FD: I wouldn’t set myself apart as different but I’d say my focus is not just on local shows but majorly international ones.
VK: Which international shows are these?
FD: I’ve been part of the Norway Fashion week, Ethiopia Fashion Gala and South Africa Fashion Gala.
VK: Have you been involved in any other projects?
FD: Locally, I’ve done adverts for Coca Cola, Safaricom Sevens, Guinness, Tusker, Airtel and Neem products. I also run a talent management agency called 254 Talent Management which focuses on acting and modeling. I’m also the founder of a charity group called Souls For Charity. This initiative is driven by the need to give back to the society in terms of our energy, resources and time.
Clearly, Fred has mustered himself: not everyone can harmonise their love for self and others so gracefully. Check out his pics here. You can check him out @dharshifreddie on Instagram @_dharshiefreddie on twitter