Broad_Gear1Communication, Journalism, and Media students in Moi University today have another reason to smile as they await the launch of a national television in main campus. According to the director, Mr. Marto Nguri of 360 t.v as it would most probably be branded, the television station ought to have been launched on 1st October, 2013 but experienced delayed funding, and arrival of equipment. The funds, he says have since been released and new television station would be launched anytime soon. It would have offices both in the capital, Nairobi and in main campus, Eldoret.

Media and related students in Moi University have recently feared competition from the fast rising Daystar and Multimedia private Universities. This is however set to change as te students would have an edge ahead of their fellows.

The media industry in Kenya is fast growing and is faced with major challenges of technology change and criticisms of legal and ethical concerns. Media and related studies have thus become thorough with private universities slightly gaining technological edge ahead of their counterparts, the public universities. This has led to a stiff competition among media training institutions as they adjust to the industry demands.

According to many; communication, journalism, and media students, the television station will establish them several miles ahead of their fears intellectual counterparts in the other universities professionally. This is even as daystar and multimedia university graduates are said to have developed a favorable rapport with the Kenyan media industry especially broadcast.


Preparations of various programs to be aired are said to have kicked off early in the 2013/2014 academic year. The preparations are also said to involve media students in main and Nairobi campuses at various levels and programs among them; documentaries, advertorials, movies, drama and comedy, talk shows among others.

The university also has a students’ training radio station, 103.9 mu fm as well as several print media: The communicator, the 3rd eye, the legacy among others. The university also celebrates vibrant media student associations among them: The Moi University Media group (MUMEG), Communications Student Association (COSAMU), Moi University Press Club (THE 3RD EYE) as well as The Legacy.

The University also prides in several university exchange programs the most popular being the Moi University/ Indiana University partnership which trains Journalism students of both universities on reporting on HIV/AIDS in Africa and the work of AMPATH in Kenya. It is said to involve the department of Communication studies in Moi University and school of Journalism, Indiana University in the U.S.A.

According to Mr. Nguri, the television station will benefit Kenyans at large as it will have a national coverage of events and live broadcasts. The station will also create employment opportunities to all Kenyans with relevant professional qualifications.

by Mitiro Dominick

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