Moi University Students Injured After Terror Attack Scare


Just another day in the lives of students in Kenyan campuses. After the Garissa University terror attack students have been living with their hearts in their hands; always waiting for the worst to happen. Even when the terrorists are not around any terror related act can cause a lot of drama in any campus. This was the case this morning, at Moi University Eldoret campus.

Students woke up thinking they could die at any moment. According to a press statement by the University, an explosion caused by an electric fault in hostel D elicited anxiety among the students, as those who were in the adjacent hostels thought they were under attack after one of the student’s shouted “Al-Shabaab”. The alarm prompted students to jump from the windows in an attempt to save their lives living 22 of them injured.

The institution specified that 11 students were referred to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret town for X-ray and further diagnosis, while the rest were treated at the University’s dispensary and discharged. The schools’ administration noted that the electric fault was due to tapping of electricity by students from one room to another.

The incident follows a separate one at Strathmore University, where students were seriously injured and one staff member died during a terrorist attack drill in November last year.