Do you ever follow someone into the homes of the broken? the hearts of crushed? meeting the needs of the poor and the needy?Do you give yourself out to help that one person who looks up to you for they have hoped that an angle like you exists? It’s amazing how we laugh and dance at all we have to the extent of wasting them away. Because you got money in your pocket and shoes in your feet.

WE ARE ONE. We strongly recite that tag line in the advent of a crisis but when it is settled we become not one. We embrace “Me, myself and I”

A neighbor at you hostel is probably starving, how many times do you check out on your next door neighbor? What are the intentions of our greetings? Apparently, it has become a tradition and just ‘salamz’ without content and void of its original purpose. It’s everybody for themselves and God for us all. It is at our institutions that we either make it or break it; we standing by each other makes a million differences instead of caring for just you.

A few minutes of greetings would make a whole world difference, just getting deeper with our greetings, our words of care and love coated with compassion, would save a life. Ever wondered why suicide cases are prevalent in our institutions? It is lack of someone to share with our deep seated issues because it seems like no one cares. Everyone is busy with their lives. Hey hey hey, pause for a moment and hold a conversation with that person you have always passed by at those streets of your institution. Get to know how they are doing. Don’t forget to give them a smile. You never know, they might be your destiny connectors.

Those minutes are worth the moment.