After a heavy weekend full of activities, I mean drinking; comrades always tend to have the Monday After effect. Most of y’all I know hate Monday morning because of the usual rush and you always wish the weekend had an extra day. For the newbie’s at their work place, or the common hustler who have to fetch for themselves Mondays are another day to make a difference.

For an average Campus student, they may fall in either of the Categories Below:

The Ooopss Students

These are mostly Ladies who after a long weekend of indulgence realises that she didn’t use protection. So what does she do? She calls up her girlfriends and assembles them somewhere at the school compound. She narrates to them how the weekend was and the journey towards the school dispensary starts. The girlfriends are just there for emotion support.

The What-Happened Students

These are mostly dudes, they wake up in the morning and find themselves sleeping in their friend’s rooms and feel as If they were ran over by a truck. These are the dudes who had previously engaged themselves in a fight or rather drunk themselves stupid until they passed out. Cues “Jana Kuliendaje” by Mejja

The Assignment Students

These are the most common type of students. When the lecture ends on Friday, their minds also shut down that day. No academic work is on his mind. They don’t even know that they had an assignment and when Monday comes, they are notable in the school compound coz they run around everywhere looking for the bright students to assist them on their assignment.


The Late Classes Students

These are the luckiest students in campus. Why do I say this?? These students either start their lectures later during the day or attend classes in the evening. They fool around with the early risers who have classes early in the morning. They are mostly the guys who will throw you rounds and insult you anytime you mention that you got a class early on Monday morning. Their other name is “Chief Derailers”

The Punctual Students

These are like our brothers and sisters who are always in Campus. They are always in their rooms reading. They are those students when you go out on a Friday and you ask “Hawa ni akina nani kwa Library on a Friday at” They tend to be our keepers and in most cases they are always the students who don’t go out, do assignment for the lazy students and they don’t consume alcohol.

Great Week Y’all Comrades

Written @MasterSteve_