Money Ethics 101


One of the things that make people pass off as shady or unreliable is poor ethic-in anything. Poor money ethic particularly can be quite annoying and doesn’t make you look too good.

Here are a few pointers to help you improve your money ethic if you need to:

  1. Keep track of your bills

Be sure to sort out all your bills or at least try. Nothing is as embarrassing as getting kicked out of your house because you’ve not paid. Your boss may have delayed your salary this month, if that is the case, talk to your landlord and come to an understanding.

  1. Handle debts before luxury

Sometimes debts are hard to avoid. Don’t think of buying yourself a new dress or watch before you pay your dues. You may borrow a friend some money to cover rent or bills. However, be that guy or girl that gives people their money in time.

  1. Communicate

Don’t go silent on people you owe money. It annoys them- a lot. Again, explain your situation. This passes you off as accountable and reliable.

  1. No money owed is petty money

Never tell anybody that you owe money that the amount you owe them is too little for them to bother you about. If it was so little, why haven’t you paid up? Picture your boss saying to you, “unanisumbua juu ya pesa kidogo sana”.  Annoying…no?

  1. Never go M.I.A

This is the biggest atrocity. Do not disappear from the face of the earth simply because you have a debt.  This is shady on more than one level and you cannot run all the time. Just be man or (woman) enough to take care of your finances.