This article is for you. Yes the fact that you took interest in this article means you’ve had some holes in your pocket of late. Debts piling up, no money for your recurrent expenses, everyone is shaking you up for whatever little scraps you make. Now just so we are clear I am no Kiyosaki( author of Rich dad, poor dad) but there are some basic steps to get you out of that grave you’re burying yourself in.

  1. Stop borrowing!

Every campus has that one guy or chic who is constantly asking for a soft loan with stories of delayed Mpesa from home. If you don’t have anyone in mind it’s probably you. 😀 No hard feelings really but people confuse urgent with important. The latter can be put on hold so get your priorities right. Going to the salon to get a Ksh 3000 human hair weave is not an emergency.

  1. Relax…

Unless you’re getting paid, you don’t (I repeat) do not have to attend every single happening event there is. Why? Well most of them are next one, stay home and watch or read something. Instead of pouting be proud that you’re maturing mentally.

  1. Invest in your hobby

Okay my disclaimer to this point is that you have to have a sensible hobby. Sleeping and eating isn’t one of them. When I say invest I don’t necessarily mean money, I also mean energy and time. Swimming, blogging, photography or modeling is but a few of them. Dedication and passion will make you the best and that’s when money starts trickling in.

  1. Start a start-up

Now making money is not enough. Use the money to make more. It could be an online company, tangible trade or a chama but it must be legal. Round up some friends with this common interest. However, make sure its something you’re passionate about. Nurturing such a mentality will help you rid your life of spend-thrifts and broke hustlers who spend money that they don’t have in the first place.

  1. Habanahaba …

Don’t spend it all…do it bigger. Who said you have to be aged and nearing retirement for you to invest? Most people can spend more than Ksh 5000 in a night of raving. Imagine a situation you put aside half of this amount every month in an account that gains a significant amount of interest. Many may disregard this point but you think about it. You won’t sweat, it’s not a pyramid scheme or an affiliate marketing scheme. Yes it will take time but it’s an all money back assurance deal. Realise that I’m speaking of investing not saving which btw is a complete waste of time. It’s way easier now through banks, insurance or SMEs. Check out Old mutual Kenya I-invest or Rafiki plan investment.

If these don’t help; I don’t know what will be you salvation.