Moneymatters: Helb Loan Aftermath


Helb is here with us again. Most of us are familiar with long hours in those ridiculously long queues, filling those extremely detailed forms, you’d think it’s a job interview for the statehouse. Even my spouse wouldn’t know that muchJ

Well, after receiving the amount we are offered, spend a second or two rejoicing or smiling like a clown, then the next half hour cursing for getting an amount we didn’t hope for, the chaos begins.

Let’s be honest, most of us are not used to that kind of money at our disposal. So it is expected to be an experimental spendthrift with a thousand or two. Depending on your financial background, it is not bad to spoil yourself every once in a while. There are two ways you could let this play. Do pay attention.

The baller mode

Your friends are your downfall. The advice they give will determine or contribute in a big way how you spend that money.

Some will say, that money is much more than the one you’re used to at home. They’ll suggest a celebration. You become ‘babayao’ for that weekend. That will eat up a large sum of the money.

As you recover from that fun. You suddenly want to look new. Ladies this is your necessary evil and probably your end. G-mall and Engarasha cease to exist. You proudly go to Village market walk from store to store with branded bags, your chin up, dark RayBans on and a swing in your walk. Turn down for what? Would probably be your theme song in that moment.

If those two don’t exist in that circle of yours, events crop up out of nowhere. 7s,music launches, fashion shows, camps..and they aren’t cheap. I mean are they ever…

It’s barely a month but the money becomes noticeably scarce. Sadly that’s about the same time you remember you have a few recurrent expenses pending, landlord comes knocking, school fees arrears. You’re more overwhelmed than before the money came through.

Think big mode…

This path is the complete opposite of Mr. Baller. It means the B-word yes… you need a budget! Get your priorities in check. Clear your debt and recurrent expenses. Yes your friends will be abit mad that they won’t have a share of the free money. Every cloud has a silver lining though,out of all those friends you have one may come up with a business idea of maybe buying a printer or making profit through agribusiness. Listen to that friend… Though you may miss out on the first few events or your drinking buddies may walk out on you. All that will change after profits start kicking in. Remember it’s a loan so at some point you do need to pay back the money. Don’t have a blast now and rot in debt the rest of the semester. So now it’s upto you. I’m out!

By Stacey Nduta