The Morning After #safaricom7s


As I nurse my neck pains..I have to thank all those random people i took pictures,to what you really want to hear.

Safar com Sevens was a blast!!!!from the huge crowd purchasing their last minute tickets at Thika Road Mall to the loud screams from fans seated,or standing,in the stadium.

Meeting at TRM at 4;30ish

All the cool kids got to the stadium late because apparently the memo said to meet up at TRM,get wasted,then properly head to the event.

All roads Lead to Safaricom Stadium

On the way i noticed something,The police were hauling most if not all pikipikis for a crime they committed,and this trend was evident even outside the stadium.but after the long jam there,we finally got in

Grab your drink and lets head up the stairs

Stands were set up everywhere,each ready to take your money one way or the other,be it food,drink,M-pesa deposits or withdrawals and even juicy fruit brand ambassadors who were pretty convincing,.-chews-emphasis on the pretty part..

Catch A seat and cheer when people cheer

Even those who had Vip bands on made their way to the upper deck,coz that’s where all the fun is,crowds that will never shut up and a roof top kinda view of the games.

Its time to head out!!!!



Plus 1:Random

battery low-pass out
That’s when eyes went shut and the bodies were let in all manner of positions,some drooling,some snoring,…others..well others couldn’t keep their hands to themselves,if you know what i mean:)

I’m out:)