Mother’s Day is here again and just like all the other years of my life I’ll probably forget and not get Ma anything. I know I just sound mean and unloving. That’s where you wrong. Mother’s day is just not a holiday I was taught to celebrate. I’m certain 80% of Kenya falls under my category: Those who are ignorant of the essence of Mother’s Day.

Let me enlighten you, Mother’s Day is a day set aside to honor┬ámothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for their contribution to family and society.It’s celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May annually. You can chose to buy something for her, take her out,..just treat her the way all mother need to be treated with love and appreciation.

Chocolates, bracelets, shirtdress, ┬ádinners…that stuff is cliche. Try something new this year. How does a DIY card sound? Remember how when you were younger and you always made coloured cards for Ma, how she used to be elated over just a piece of paper. Well, the thing with a DIY card or gift is it comes from the heart, it’s not something money can buy but something with your own effort.
Requirements: Scissors,Fine Point marker, Cardboard, T-pin, Needle, Embroidery floss (Yarn thread), Card Paper.
1. Write a fave word on front of the card paper. (Make sure its a bit thick not paper light. ) Maybe ‘Love’ or ‘Mama’. Or even a word that describes her. Make sure its a bit thick not paper light.
2.Working of cardboard, poke hole 1/4 inch apart over the word.
3.Layer 2 pieces of thread onto a needle & knot.
4.Pull floss through the 1st hole so knot is on the back of the card.
5.Backstitch through the holes on the word.
6.Knot to finish. Trim excess floss.
7. Write a sweet and short message just for her and there you have your card.