Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is in town to check out her cosmetic business in various outlets in the streets of Nairobi.

Huddah has been silent on her moves and no one can tell whatever that she is upto because she has not been causing drama on social media.

It is normal for a celebrity to hide his or her face so as not to create attention in the streets and for the Star Girl, she has found a very unique way of roaming around  the streets of Nairobi without getting noticed.

Huddah has revealed that she wears a Buibui to hide her face and the move works really well because no one noticed her.

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As she walked from River Road to Luthuli Avenue, she knows the people who sell her lipstick brand that is fake and she has given a warning to them that she is coming for them.

Huddah has majored on her cosmetic brands that include wipes, eye shadows and lipstick.

Check out what she posted on her gram:

The true definition of MOVE in SILENCE 💯
It’s Incredible how I Did so much work yesterday, visited all my businesses in town.. Walked up and down from River road to Luthuli Avenue , & I know who is selling fake Huddah products and I’m coming for you all 🤙🏾…
I also went to eat at the places I used to go wayyyy back & left without anyone noticing me 🤣😛. #Silence .
#kinghuddah👑 #stargal⭐️