Do you possess grace and poise? Are you passionate about the environment? If your answers were both yes, then this is it. This got to be you, they are looking for. This is an opportunity to up your discipline and self-confidence that will enable you to ooze pride in front of an esteemed audience.

So if you are looking to gain experience in bettering your surroundings, why not join this glamorous and fun beauty pageant?

31st August 2016- 31ST October 2016 is the duration in which the online registration is take part. So head out to their website and fill in the provided questionnaire.

Miss Environment Going Green Campus Tour Finale 2016

The organizers of the event are scouting for possible contestants who should be young and vibrant individuals between the age of 18 and 27. Being single is another requirement, meaning the potential participants should not be married or with child. Your physique should be on point, you should have an appealing body structure that can sell you out, you know, the usual height requirement of 4.5 feet, 5 inches (165.10cm)

Apart from the face for runaway, you have to have an outstanding personality, a social being and outgoing, this is a bonus to enable you win a chance to win. Not only do you have to be good looking and fashionable, but also have adequate knowledge on your county of residence. It is mandatory to know more information about your county, which you will be representing. Information should be on the environment and culture of the county being represented.

“A national delegate for Mr. and Miss Environment Kenya must be a resident of the county he/she will be representing, and a national pageant winner recognized by Miss Environment Kenya Organization.”

If you believe and trust that you have the above mentioned requirements, visit the website HERE and register your way to becoming the next Mr or Miss Environment Kenya.