Is it not ironical for prisoners to enjoy the same privileges free law abiding citizens enjoy? Are they supposed to be paying for the crimes they committed? Says a student when asked about the annual Langata Women prisons beauty pageant. He went ahead and expressed his opinion pissed, that these people are in here for a reason some are murderers, armed robbers and drug traffickers. It just doesn’t make sense. Says another young person.

“They are human, their hope and dignity deserve to be restored.”

Remember the bitter, jealous and crazy young lady whose anger made her kill her late boyfriend due to a text that led to her to commit the act of love.


Ruth Kamande is her name, at the beginning of the year, she was all over social media for killing her late boyfriend after reading a text that was concluded to be a love triangle. She stabbed her ex 22 times at Buruburu estate. Recently she is back at it, with ongoing publicity of her being crowned as Miss Lang’ata Women Prison.

Most of the women in the prison are victims and found themselves one way or the other arrested and accused or setup to crimes that they didn’t partake with their consent. Therefore no one should dare judge them, says an older woman in society.

Beauty pageants are popular in prisons around the world. The active participation of women prisoners in such activities, are usually to either reduce monotony behind bars or the contest is taken into account when respective bodies are considering applicants for parole.


The event was held on the 31st August at the prisoner, with Avril Nyambura as one of the sources of entertainment for the day. Ruth Kamande won the title. Tina Martin a Tanzanian national came in second and is in for drug trafficking charges. Susan Wairimu was the day’s second runners up who is serving imprisonment for robbery and murder.