When their tune “Lamba Lolo” first made it to the interwebs, nobody knew about them. Heck, they didn’t even have a stage name for their group and so we only differentiated them by their verses depending on which one you loved the most.

Now branded under the name “Ethic”, the “Lamba Lolo” hit makers are a house hold name with yet another explicit hit single under their belt. The four young boys seem to have opened a new chapter for our Kenyan Music Industry, one that explicit music is not only done by the mature men but now by the very young teenagers.

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Other than that, they seem to have somehow normalized the culture of explicit music as now more explicit music and music videos are coming out and nobody seems to think it’s a big deal unlike in the past.

This topic came about after I came across a music video on YouTube by yet another upcoming artist called “Rajayjay”. Rajayjay just released a song titled “Niko Hangi” and while his lyrics may not be as dirty as those we been getting from “Ethic”, his music video is way explicit than theirs.

This guy has a good number of girls I think I can safely call strippers, rocking semi-nude clads and shaking their behinds like crazy. His girls are naughty and they know what exactly they were paid for and they perfectly executed their role in this video.

While the video could have been very controversial giving him more views for his song, his audio is trash and that’s probably why his song hasn’t gotten the attention the rest have been getting.

Hopefully Rajayjay you have learned your lesson from this one so next time start with a better audio then now top it up with an explicit video then you will get your clout. Meanwhile guys check out the video in the link below;

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