The lecturers’ strike has been on for over a month now, instead of lying around doing nothing, get up and volunteer, do something noble.

Mater Hospital in South B gives young people a chance to volunteer as musicians or to play with the children and manage their toys. The program is under the Arts in Medicine department in the hospital. It began in 2006 as an alternative way to relax and entertain patients and staff as they visit the hospital.

Volunteers visit different wards and sections within the hospital to sing and play and instrument for about twenty minutes as allocated by their supervisor.

This act of singing to patients in the hospital is considered as music therapy. It is however more advanced in other countries. Mater hospital gives young people with vocal capabilities a chance to reach out and give back to society.

Various bands like Sauti Sol, Lele Ngoma and Rekindle have taken part in the music therapy program atMater hospital. Aside from giving back to the society, it gives musicians the chance to interact and sing with different people and to be flexible as there is little or no time to rehearse. It also makes musician versatile, as one would have to adapt to different tastes and demands of the audience.

Volunteers are allowed to choose their hours but you have to communicate and agree with your supervisor so as to maintain a stable routine. Sometimes the musician volunteers get the chance to perform at the hospital camps or events like their Asthma, Prostate and Breast Cancer camps, where they offer free screening to the public. They take place annually.

It you are young, have musical talent but little or no experience, this is a good place to grow and learn as you get to touch people’s lives. You also get to appreciate the gift of life from interacting with people in hospitals.