Seroney is a previous gospel Kenyan artist who is ready to show what he’s made of. He is a talented young man signed to Sector 7 Access. He took a chance of being a star by making an entry for Airtel Trace Star but wasn’t as lucky so he took to the studio. He blew our minds singing angelically songs like ‘Mary did you know’ and ‘Last night’ I the Airtel competition. It’s a shock he didn’t win.Seroney has released a song called Shuga with an interesting video and great beats.

Shuga is about how he’s like Sugar. All the ladies love this guy because he has a healthy pocket. #TeamPaperChasers He also sings about a lady’s assets with some catchy lines. The song has amazing rhymes and the beat brings me a nostalgic feeling of the original Kenyan music. It has a ‘calif records’ kind of feel. Though it’s more of ‘Wyre’. I’m not sure if it dancehall but it is surely danceable.

The video is quite simple. Not much of the best quality video with ‘Vera’ like vixen. It just looks like a video to one of Pilipili’s songs. Simple, authentic and In the neighbourhood. The dances moves in the video are quite basic and fun to watch. For an upcoming Kenyan artist you have to hand it to the guy. It’s a good try. Only thing is does that old Kenyan music vibe still live on or did music radicalise?

Seroney, I personally wish you the best. May your music be more popular than Churchill show and don’t let your talent go to waste. Success is around the corner.