Wangechi Waweru is back and back to shake the industry up. Remember how she went silent because of a horrid road accident last year. Kenyans showed such great support as she spent months in hospital and even lost her best friends to the tragedy. It’s amazing to see her back in the studio and releasing music that we love just as before.

I won’t lie that I’m her biggest fan but ANALOGUE was a jam I would listen to so she shockingly made it to my special playlist. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new so no judgement for thinking she was a one hit wonder. Her celebrity beef with Noti Flow is the only thing that reminded me she’s still in the industry. Oh and her appearing as a judge in Maisha Superstar. Shame, isn’t it? Well, last week I was one happy lass to hear she still has her ‘Zing’ (her charm).

Seems she’s not been sleeping on talent. Her latest song, ‘Cardiac Arrest’ has a great feel. It’s beats are quite something. My favorite partabout it is the Rap. She lets the words flow so good you can’t miss the weight of the lyrics. I must say, she has talent. The song was enjoyable and also felt so real.”…so many untold stories..” Its one of those songs that you listen to not just hear.

Wangechi, Good job. You’re not a Whack rapper, from my perspective. Just keep the hits coming. One thing about the industry is if you go silent too long you loose your fan base and audience command. All the best in your career.

Here is Wangechi new track, Cardiac Arrest:

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