Musician Prezzo changes his mind of joining Kibra’s seat as Mariga woes after being locked by IEBC

Kibra By-election has many aspirants all trying to seat in a seat that remained vacant after the demise of Mp. Ken Okoth. The latest entrant in the seat is Musician Prezzo. He was expected to  vie on a Wiper Ticket and netizens couldn’t help but ponder.

Former Footballer Mariga is yet to know if he will vie the seat after the IEBC resolved that, his name is missing in the IEBC voter’s register for the 2017 elections making it a blow to the jubilee party. His friends and supporters are now waiting to foresee the outcome.

Wiper leader has bowed to the netizens questions on Prezzo’s candidature and Hon. Kalonzo has said, Prezzo will vie the seat in 2022. He clarified that they are not filling in candidate in the seat.

Some of the netizens have pitied the footballer as others have rejoiced terming him a project. What is likely to be the outcome of the footballer’s candidature. He received endorsement that led many to grumble in his party.

Will Jubilee Party pull another candidate to replace Mariga? Will Imran Okoth sit in the same seat his befallen brother sat? Those are the questions that have made many to check out in the tight race of Kibra

So how does one become a voter?

Article 38 (3) of the Constitution gives every adult Kenyan the right to vote while the Elections Act specifies matters related to becoming a voter and the voter register held by the IEBC.

Section 5(1) of the Elections Act requires that the registration of voters is carried out at all times except during elections.

For General Elections, registration of voters cannot be done “between the date of commencement of the 60-day period immediately before the election and the date of such election.”

For by-elections, such as Kibra, registrations of voters cannot be done in that electoral area “between the date of the declaration of the vacancy of the seat concerned and the date of such by-election.”

While gazetting the Kibra by-election, the IEBC said that it will re-open the voter registration in that area on November 13.

For a referendum, voter registration cannot happen between the date of the publication of the referendum question and the voting day.

Section 5(3) of the Elections Act says that any citizen of Kenya who has attained the age of eighteen years as evidenced by either a national identity card or a Kenyan passport and whose name is not in the register of voters shall be registered as a voter upon application, in the prescribed manner, to the Commission.

What’s your take on Mariga missing in the list of voter’s?


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