It is every artists dream to make hit music as it not only comes with fame, but also money among other benefits. While it can be quite hard to make a hit single, it is even harder to make hit singles back to back yet every time any artist comes up with a major hit, the masses have all their eyes on you for another hit. This can be stressful and sometimes end up falling into depression once they realize they are not able to beta the bar they already set. Today we look at some of the one hit wonders of the years 2017 and 2018.


Everlast was a four member band well known for their hit single Gudi Gudi featuring rapper Naiboi and Kristoff as well. The single became a major 2017 hit single shooting the band to fame immediately. However not long after that, the band broke up just after releasing another single dubbed Tam Tam which didn’t even gain half the attention their previous hit had gained. Now that band whose members were also dancers, broke up we are can be sure we not getting any other from them anytime soon which is they have made it to our list of One hit wonders.


The duo shot to fame after their hilarious song Thitima anthem became our anthem for the better part of 2017. While the two seemed to have run out of ideas for quite some time just recycling the same beat, they soon followed up with a few other singles that we can say did fairly well. However as it stands now, the two have been managed to come up with any other single that did as well as their first anthem and in fact they seem to be falling of the radar with Stigah having released his solo single Yes Kidole only getting 46,000 views on YouTube making the duo fall second in our todays list of one hit wonders.


The luo rapper rocked our air waves for quite sometime after his remix Bank Otuoch featuring Kibera rapper Octopizzo became a major hit. The single shot him to fame ASAP as many dug into his style of unique rap mixing Luo and sheng. However not much was from him after that as the only follow single that did well from was Simbe Adek then he fellow of the radar making it to number there on our list.


The rapper who also doubles up as a dancer has been an underground artist for quite a long time now. He had released many singles which never seemed to make it to the top until he was featured on Mayonde’s hit single, Nairobi. He has released a few other singles after the hit with none coming close to the Nairobi single making him our number four as it doesn’t seem like we will be getting any other major hit from him anytime soon.


If you probably don’t know the Rongai based rapper you definitely must have heard his hit single, Mat Za Ronga somewhere. The single became an overnight hit even attracting top rapper Khaligraph jones to the remix. However we cannot really be sure if we’ll really get another hit from him anytime soon as the only thing we have heard since then is a single dubbed Harambee which as of now has only 12,000 views on YouTube and is not really getting any major attention from anybody. Until he proves us wrong with another hit, he makes it to number five of our one hit wonders list.