It seems like Willy Paul is not the only one running to Bongo land for collabos as now his on and off frenemy Bahati just released a new single, Bora Nife, featuring Tanzanian sensation Aslay.

Bora Nife tells a story of person who seems to always get disappointments from all his lovers despite the fact that he is willing to give them all that he thinks they may be need. Fed up with all the disappointments, he now thinks death is the better option but wonders what they will answer to God in the final day.

The two artists did well on the video in terms of simplicity and clarity with most shots taken in a beach. This comes barely a week after the release of Willy Paul’s Pili Pili remix featuring Tanzania’s Harmonize with both of the Kenyan artists seemingly preferring to have the songs released on the Bongo artists YouTube Channels instead of their channels for reasons only them can give.