#MusicMonday DJ Sail On Balancing Music And Engineering


    Who is DJ Sail?

    My real name is Simon Oduor also known as DJ Sail,  22 year old  Electrical and Information Engineering student at UoN. 9


    Dj Creme de la Creme, Dj Joe Mfalme

    How has your deejay journey been thus far? 

    I have always loved music but never saw this coming. Until I was introduced to this amazing software, that you could use to play two songs at ago hence mix, by a friend who had it installed in his mobile phone (virtual dj)

    I loved it and decided to save and buy a laptop just to have a better experience with the software. I then got some music from a friend who was already a deejay, I hence played in a couple houseparties using virtual dj, just for the love of it, before learning that the job pays, I then decided to look for a Dj Academy for professional training. I remember going to Homeboyz to inquire about the course fee it was Ksh. 50,000. I weighed my options and saw it wise to save, buy a controller which I could hire and get back the money while at the same time training myself on professional Deejaying skills. Which really worked coz in 6 months I already had the money back and had already learnt how to control music on the decks.

    Tell us more

    I saved, bought a Pioneer Serato DDJ – SX controller for Ksh. 115,000. And in about 6 months I had already got back the money from hiring the machine, I had also learnt the art of Deejaying and could play at events and clubs

    I then joined 254 Beads, an events company we founded with friends in the industry, 3 of us deejays and the other 2 marketers, through which we held several Club events before the the group broke up late 2015. I then embarked on a freelance journey, looking for and playing at both Club and outdoor events

    I learnt how to brand myself after 254 Beads break-up. That has helped me a lot in getting events, I also started a Clothline, Sail Wear, currently dealing in Dj Sail branded merchandise

    Future ambitious

    I wanna start an events company. That will major in offering all event solutions besides Organizing our own events with an aim to improving on the level of professionalism in the events industry

    Challenges faced in this career

    Dealing with unprofessional events organizers. People who understand probably nothing about the industry, organizing events without proper planning and budgeting hence ending up with unsuccessful events, then end up not paying deejays and artists who perform. Or worse, greedy events organizers who take off with all the money hence not paying deejays and artists their full dues.



    I have played in some of the biggest nightclubs in the city and its environs including Marabou Sports Lounge – Highway Mall, Hacienda Sports Bar – Ngara Road, Juniper Social – Westlands, Santa Fe Lounge – Westlands, Skylux Lounge – Westlands, Ladida Lounge – Rongai… Etc


    Social media handles:

    @dj_sail on IG

    Sail Dennis on Fb

    Dj Sail Dennis on Fb

    @deejay_sail on Twitter