#MusicMonday Top 5 New Releases


This past week saw a list of new releases across the globe. From Drake’s Views being knocked off the chats to way back home where Elani has a new single. Some patriotic, others advocating, while others outright Gothic.

  1. Elani featuring Jaguar – Sirudi

Kenyan music band Elani’s releases “Sirudi” featuring Jaguar has hit big on the airwaves, narrating of an abusive retrogressive relationship and advising the victim/s to leave and never come back to such a relationship. The video is a masterpiece and clearly tells the story like it’s supposed to be told.

Yemi Alade feat Sauti Sol – Africa

Further across the border, Yemi Alade collaborated with Sauti Sol to come up with what is probably going to be the biggest hit in Africa this season. With a song title such as Africa, anyone would be almost always be ready to listen, and it delivers to its creed. Shot in vast areas of Africa and showcasing the continents vastness and generic wealth.

Wizkid featuring Tinie Tempah – Mamacita

Wizkid is not to be left out. Boy seems to be sh*tting gold these days! His new single shot in Dom Republic is still fresher than the kid off the studio. The name of the track is “MAMACITA”. It begins on a sing-along tune but picks up with a shrap, funky rap tune that relates too well with the new generation music. It is worth its salt in the buzz that it has so far created.

Blink 182 – California 

Bad news for Drake though, because just after breaking a record once held by music legends such as Micahael Jackson and Eminem’s Marshall Mathers, a rock band by the name Blink – 182 has officially knocked the Canadian off the charts. Blink’s new releases is called California and is doing too well on the billboard weekly chats so far.

Jay-Z – Spiritual 

And talking of legends, we had to save the best for the last. After the infamous #AltonSterling shooting, Jay-Z immediately responded by realizing a new song titled “Spiritual”. Hover said that he’d wanted to release the song during the initial sporadic black shootings, but had a hunch that they’d be more shootings to follow. The song is, like most Hov songs, phenomenal!

Thats the exclusive on the new music this week!