Tyga was definitely a King in the past but he seemed to have fallen off somewhere along the way. The rapper however seems to have made a strong come back after switching his style in his recent album, KYOTO.

King of the Jungle is a single off the album which seems to be doing well so far with most of the singles having more than 10 million views on YouTube so far something the rapper hadn’t been able to achieve in a while.

The song talks about a guy having been caught being unfaithful and is now trying to explain himself, seemingly having regrets about the situation. “I been unfaithful, I been lying like the King of the jungle, but I ain’t lying when I say I love you”, goes a line the catchy chorus of the slow tempo song.

The rapper turned singer definitely delivers quite well on this love song. This is a song that can bring forth certain emotions which is usually the goal for every single song composed. The video also compliments the song as it tells a story of a lady finding out her man has another lady through a social media post and a media outlet.