A Must Attend Dance-A-Thon: Katika Dance Festival!!


There is a new festival happening in town on November 22nd at the Arboretum. The first ever of it’s kind to be held in Kenya, the Katika Festival aims at raising money for needy kids.

The dance-a-thon seeks to raise funds to support children from Angel’s Children’s Home in Waithaka, Dagoretti. With a populace of 31 needy kids falling between the ages of 4 weeks to 6 years, the home needs money to build a green house and make itself self-sufficient.

Among the top names in the entertainment industry that will grace the event include DJ Joe Mfalme, Kriss Darlin and DJ Bash. Other celebrity faces set to feature are Comedian Jalang’o and HBR’s Sheila Kwamboka who will be the hosts of the event.

Twenty-five teams of four each will compete all day and there will be a prize of 100,000KES for the last team standing.

This is a family event that will be free for kids between the ages of 1-10. The gaming area will have rounders, darts, dance 360, trampoline, blada, football, bouncing castles, dance central among other games.

To register send only 1000KES to 0791084465. Tickets retail for only 1000K at sasa.com and can also be gotten at Teriyaki in the CBD.

katika fest

By @IAmBett