You just purchased a decent smartphone; it doesn’t matter whether it is a Samsung pocket, HTC 526G or a techno Y6 or an iPhone.

As long as it possess a decent screen resolution and quality, a camera (front camera is a plus), sufficient memory storage and of course effective software. You can always accessorize phones with screen protectors, covers/cases, stylus pens among others items and start installing apps that would make mobile phoning easy, effective and convenient.

As a campus student, some apps are a must have:

Google photos- This app provides free unlimited storage and backs up all your pictures and videos.

Open camera- This app produces better pictures than an inbuilt camera. You can zoom via touch. It has editing options and for someone who loves photography, it is a fan to play with.


Parallel space- One interesting app, because it a multi accounts android app. That is, it enables a multiple social networking accounts all at the same time. Let’s say, you have a smartphone, your bestie has a kabambe, parallel space makes it possible for him/her to still change that Whatsapp picture. Other accounts that parallel space houses may include Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, almost every other app.

Varcity–  This is an app that makes entertainment better. Commonly used for all the latest entertainment, fashion, tech, students life etc. Not only can you read but it has music!! Hurry and download our amazing app on PlayStore.



Com- The breaking news app that exist to deliver accurate, up to date, dependable news to millions of Kenyans. One can get informed of what is happening in just 5 minutes.

Anti-virus- They range from the type of phone and the operating system (android or IOS or windows phone). It all depends on how best they can scan and protect the phone from viruses and any other form of threat. Examples of anti-viruses may include: Avast software, AVG Anti-virus, Kaspersky, Norton among others.



True caller- who doesn’t need this app? For all those unknown numbers, this is a solution.

Uber- This app makes transportation convenient. This can be employed especially on those party nights, when no one wants to be the designated driver.


Opera mini web browser – It is THE affordable way to surf the internet.

PDF reader – As a student most assignments come from Google. And most essays comes in PDF formats.

Any other apps you couldn’t live without? Tell us below.