Following the killing of two University of Nairobi students on Friday evening, #KOT have gone wild with many allegations on the goons of the university. Babu Owino has been accused of being part of and covering up for them. In response, the Secretary General of Kenyatta University had something to say about this;

Whichever the case, killing TWO comrades was uncalled for, barbaric and unacceptable.
Whether Babu Owino was involved or not, am against #UoNGoons and this fellow is spoiling the good brand of University students.
This kind of havoc and mayhem is not new to UoN students.
I want to tell them as an interested party that, as students leaders and as KU we are ashamed of such character. It’s ungodly, evil, demonic, satanic, and we condemn it with the strongest words possible.
My heart goes out to the family and friends of the deceased comrades, whether thieves or not, may God rest their souls in peace.
As the Secretary General of KUSA, I wish to distance Kenyatta University Students from this wanting behaviour from our comrades from ‘The University.’
Kenya is tired of your ever kiddish and childish behaviour.
Babu should respect the people who he rigged his votes, he should respect the spirit of Comradeship, he should respect our integrity.
We refuse to be sling with mud.
I beseech comrades to act and behave with decorum.
It costs you nothing to act smart and decent.
My 2 cents.

From Mwadime, Sec Gen, KU.

What do you think of the whole incident? Do you agree with him? Let us know below.