When going to class, waking up early to choose an outfit or sleeping stressed unsure of what you’ll wear tomorrow is every girl’s nightmare. I’ve been there before trust me. It’s even worse when you are going somewhere you don’t want to look like you’re over dressed or worse  under dressed. I’m told I’m ever guilty of both offences. God knows I suck at picking outfits, I only manage because my best friend or sister comes to the rescue. Despite this point deduction I have quite the eye for good fashion so I won’t be lying by telling you these are the classiest looks you can rock for casual for your classes.

I know you don’t really like white things but this is every girls must have. White is a colour that comes with a classy aura. If you have a plain white Tee which fits you properly and you match it with whichever colour of bottoms you will turn heads.Make your own choice of shoes. A sexy pair of heels could accessorize it or just simple doll shoes/ sandals would do.  Bling the outfit with a long light(not chunky) necklace. Don’t wear excess jewelry with or you’ll take the casual look to another level.
plain white tee