Every woman likes it different. Some love it kinky, others slow motion, others just plain Vanilla, but all ladies love a man who observes bedroom manners. Bedroom manners is the most important aspect for most ladies. I have many friends who want to leave their boyfriends not cause of the silly issues that arise during marriage but cause of their bedroom manners. It’s a shame how the best boyfriends give the poorest performances. It simply saddening. So I figured I’d compile a list of dont’s during Sex from my own personal experiences and those I hear about.
We all love rough sex one in a while but it’s still a no no!! Don’t screw me till I bleed. Sex is for pleasure not just some routine. For ladies is an intimate act. It’s all about the love and passion felt and shown in it. Sex isn’t just some form of exercise and I’m not in your bed just to help you relieve a bad day’s stress. Move slowly and gracefully. It even avoids those off moments when your heads bump or you she smashes her head on the head board.
Foreplay is the best part of sex. You have to remember turning a girl on isn’t something that’s as instant as making a guy hard. It needs a lot of expertise. You need to kiss her passionately, caress her, feel her body and make her feel like she’s the sexiest girl in the world. Turn her on by concentrating on her body before actually getting to her pussy. When you do that you’ll find her wet and ready for you. Going straight to sex just makes a girl feel like you are selfishly in it for your own satisfaction.
Biting on the neck and on her nipples is such a Jackpot!! Though that’s not the first thing to do. Make sure she’s already on heat before you bite her. If her nipples aren’t hard, the biting tends to be painful. Trust me that’s the worst thing, it means no sex that day. It happened to me one time I nursed my boobs for a week and swore never to see that guy again. See! It’s a really big mistake.
Don’t tell me how you like it. I know we may have never done this before. We’re probably just strangers who met at the bar a few hours ago but verbal pointers are the worst. If you like it when a girl kisses your neck give them a hints with your body not your mouth. Body language is key. Communicate with your body. When you like it give a moan that that’s THEE spot.
If you don’t like something,don’t say it aloud. That really kills the mood. Change the move by doing something on her or something. Don’t just destroy the mood and her esteem with a ‘No, That’s sick. Stop.Wowser much. I want a ‘D’ not a Dickhead of a man. C’mon.
Eye contact is great. It keeps things intense and heated but staring at me giving you a blowjob is just sick. Maybe this doesn’t apply to every lady but it can be quite awkward. When I go down on you, don’t just stare at me when I’m working. Lie back and enjoy it. Not that you look disinterested just look like you like what you feel. That’s if you do. Don’t fake it. We always know when you do.
Oh, and just a by the way, when you enjoy it don’t shove my head into you pelvis. It’s a one way pleasurable move. I’m not getting any pleasure from sucking on you. The least you could do is not choke me while you’re at it.
Even at your height of pleasure be sure to warn a babe, man. Cumming in me, my mouth. on my favorite floral sheets is just argh!! A man knows when he’s about to release. It’s seriously irritating how I can be taking care of you and you just keep releasing it in my mouth. You’ll just make me burf. I wonder how the mood will be after I puke.
If it a one night stand, just use a condom. I know it’s better without but I don’t want that annoying break where you wanna cum out of me or you cumming in me then I need to take care of it after. I want a night of pleasure not a baby. Thank You.


Yes, the same style is monotonous. We can’t have missionary or girl on top all time. You need to spice things up but don’t go all porn. I mean let make it fun but I’m not a professional porn star. Don’t make me try weird stuff. Please this is not Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s REAL LIFE! Snap out of it. The weird positions you watch on your tiny computer aren’t all that. So nigga get yourself together.


This is often unconsious, but it can be avoided. You may have just left a long time relationship. You may still not be over her. Heck you may even be married but just don’t remind all that BS when we’re getting our freak on. The last thing i want to know when you’re in me is you I was someone else. It’s a matter of commonsense. If you can’t keep you mouth shut don’t try shag another girl. It’s demoralising.
Not all sexual experiences are quickies,boy. This is not that high school moment you have with a girl in the washroom. Build up to a good climax. You don’t expect you are in me five minutes and I’m screaming you name. Sweetie, this is not a movie scene. Keep going till…my legs are trembling, my breath is bated and  I’m whispering ‘I love you’. Orgasmic sex is the best and it’s even better two way. Let that me always want more.
When we’re in the bedroom, bathroom or whatever don’t think about anything else. For those few minutes let it just be us, You and I. Don’t get lost in your thoughts thinking about how your boss is a pain, how your parents are just nagging or the term paper you have pending. Ladies can tell when you’re absent minded and it sucks to feel like sex is all routine. Just give her you full attention for once in your busy life. It wouldn’t kill you.
Ladies, any other points you would love to let men know not to do? Let us know below.