#MUSTSEE 7 Trendy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Fashion Outfits You Will Be Glad You Know!! (PART 1)


Ever sat down and wondered what to do with an old pair of jeans, t-shirts, shirts and the likes? Basically your old clothes. Recycling them into cute new outfits might not have been Part of the plan but I’ll tell you what cool outfits  to convert your rags into and the best part is that you  can do it yourself without spending even a dime!!

1. Scarf/ necklace from Old T-Shirt

With the cold season rearing its head, a scarf will become a necessary essential you need to have. You will need a pair of scissors and a little creativity, old tees can turn into fabulous neck pieces.

diy scarf

So as to fully grasp this, follow the tutorial here>>

2. Faded Ombre Jeans

The latest trend is the ombre coloured faded jeans. I have spotted a number of these in Mr Price and Woolworths. Well, if you want this look without spending the cash, find an old pair of jeans and follow these steps!

ombre jeans diy

Start by rinsing your jeans with water.  A bottle of dye amounts to 1 cup; you’ll dye your shorts with the lightest shade first and darkest shade last.  Pour 1/3 of the cup of dye into 2 gallons of hot water and mix.  When dyeing dark denim, you will want to use less water for a darker dye.  Dip your wet shorts about halfway into the dye and let sit for approximately 10 minutes.

ombre jeans diy

3. Floral Printed Jackets

You will also need to keep your jackets close by for the rainy season. So as to break the monotony in your closet with jackets, you can add some floral prints to you jackets, I promise people will be amazed when you tell them you did it yourself!

You will need a jacket, iron, printer, floral images and a pair of scissors.

floral jacket diy

Search for floral images on the internet and print several large scale images. Precisely cut out the flowers, leaving some leaves and/or stems attached. Arrange and overlap the flowers on your jacket. Iron the transfers to the jacket. To clean, wash your garment inside out in cold water and dry in very low heat or let air dry.

floral jacket diy


4. Ripped Jeans

I have always liked this design of jeans. Its trendy, chic and super cool! All you need is a pair of scissors and a nail file or crotchet.  Make cuts where you want them and pull the threads with the crotchet to give it that edgy ragged look.

ripped diy jeans

5. Color Blocked Pants

Color blocking is a trend that looks good on both men and women. Having an item that is bright in color is unique and truly trendy. To achieve a DIY color blocking look, you will need old jeans, chinos or pants. Paint, a flat paintbrush, plastic tray and masking tape.

color block diy pants

Depending on the length of the pants, measure 12-16 inches from the bottom hem to the calf. Use a long piece of masking tape to tape off one leg. Repeat the step on the other leg, aligning the two to ensure evenness. Squeeze 2 ounces of craft paint into the small tray. Start painting, using generous amounts of paint. Be sure to get close to the edge of the masking tape for a straight line!

Once the legs have been painted, allow it to dry completely. Turn the pants inside out, tape off a section 6 – 8 inches from the bottom (depending on the fold of the cuff), and paint. Once everything is dry, peel away the tape from the inside and out.

colorblock pants

Voila, you will have edgy pants ready to go for the next concert.

6. Waterfall Vest

waterfall shirt

You can never miss to find a waterfall sweater, top or anything in any exhibition you go to. Getting a waterfall look is not as hard a you imagine. All you have to do is get a big t-shirt, cut out the neck, and hands. Pull on these, then cut down the middle of the front and pull the ends. Simple as that and you instantly have a nice waterfall vest.

Watch this tutorial on how to make in 5 minutes>>

7. Men’s Shirt into dress top

Many girls have gone through the experience of unexpectedly sleeping over at your bae’s house with no outfit to wear the next day. Well if you do not feel like doing the dreaded walk of shame, here is a cool thing you can do with his shirts.

t-shirt diy dress

It will look like a whole new outfit! You will be surprised at how many ladies as where you got the dress top from.

There you have it, part one of our DIY outfits. If there is a look you would like included here, please let us know.

Courtesy of honestlywtf and fashion wonder how to.