Kenyans can be quite hard to impress when it comes to dressing codes especially the online community who know they can easily say anything to you while hiding behind the comfort of their smart phones or a computer.

However, we always have that one person who isn’t afraid of what people have to say and the blankets and wines CEO seems to be one such person. She has never been afraid of trying new things from her kind of music to her event that has now grown big enough and now she is extending the same spirit to her mode of dressing.

The “Nai Ni Ya who” hit maker recently stepped out in something so unfamiliar to some of us and surprisingly from the comments on the pics she shared Kenyans seem to embrace her new look.

From different sources online, the female rapper’s new style is inspired by the Bohemian culture which was first practiced around 1950s/1960s by hippie travelers.

Check out some of the photos she shared on her Instagram below;

Many people especially the ladies took to the comments section to praise her for her new style with some of her fans even suggesting to her some of the style they would love to see her try on in future.