Meet two of the international students from  making the big bucks in Kenya.

Varcity: Tell us about yourself

Mwenya: I go by the name Margaret Mwenya and I’m a second year student pursuing Communication

concentration in Public relations. I used to be a presenter 4 years ago… (Smiles)

Varcity: Oh really? What radio station?

Mwenya: Flava fm, it’s a Zambian radio station.

Varcity: I take it you’re of Zambian nationality?

Mwenya: Yes.

Varcity: I see you have a bone for entrepreneurship…

Mwenya: Yes I do. I started selling hair and accessories back in Zambia and thought why not try the

Kenyan market.

Varcity: Why hair and accessories?

Mwenya: What makes a woman feel good is looking good; needless to say hair and accessories do the

trick. I sell what I love and enjoy.

Varcity: How is business working out for you?

Mwenya: The hair was a bit difficult to sell because some people deemed it too expensive and too long,

so I sent the hair back to Zambia and decided to focus on the accessories. The accessories are bringing in

good money. (Smiles again!) I also do PR for my boyfriends brand and he’s my financial manager.

(A few moments later Mwenya’s boyfriend joins us. We exchange pleasantries, we learn his name is

Jonathan and the interview goes on)

Varcity: Tell us about yourself and your brand

Jonathan: I am a fourth year student pursuing computer science. I have a clothing line called KEBA

Authentic you could learn more about it on our website which is

Varcity: When did you get into business?

Jonathan: I co founded the company with a friend of mine in April last year. We sold our merchandise

among friends and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We created more designs and included

feminine designs as well.

Varcity: I see your tee’s all having something different printed on them…

Jonathan: Yes, this is because I believe each design has to express something. Currently the designs are

in lingala and French but I’m soon releasing designs done in Swahili and English.

Varcity: what would you say has been your greatest moment with regard to business?

Mwenya: Realizing my potential with him putting me in check. He has a dream and a vision like me. He is

part of my driving force.

Jonathan: When I made my first sale. It was amazing. I needed somebody to help me out because I’m a

bit quiet. She made me become outgoing and in December last year we sold more than we imagined we

could sell.

Varcity: How much are you worth?

Mwenya: We’re not there yet so we cannot exactly say we are worth this or that.

Varcity: What challenges have you met so far?

Jonathan: Finances, seeing as my partner is pursuing piloting and our folks aren’t helping with the


Mwenya: Finding a market, some people think some of our things are too costly. Also, sending the hair

back to Zambia.

Varcity: Parting shot?

Mwenya: You are your business. Love it, nurture it, keep it.

Jonathan: Be creative, work hard and be outgoing. Stay focused.