“Normally, I’d be in bed but there’s no way I’m missing out on this one man!”

Says Steve as we head to the Moi University Main Campus pavilion grounds in the typically cold Saturday morning weather. You see, Steve is the kind of guy who ardently believes in resting on the Sabbath despite his numerous atheist tendencies. Getting him out of his bed before noon is a task second to none. But the paintball battle did that without breaking a sweat. 5th November 2016 definitely was a slot in his diary.

“It better be lit”, he continues, breaking my chain of thoughts.

“It will be lit alright! And you’ll be lit like a mofo too if you don’t take cover during the battle!”

We laugh, sarcastically, making our way into the pavilion grounds where all the action will be taking place. The Huawei guys are already setting up tents. Time check: 1000hrs. Just in time! We also spot the Varcity Kenya team who are busy ensuring everything is in order.

“Damn!” I’m already loving this”

an elated Steve hollers, pointing at the upper half of the field where the inflatable bunkers are getting set up as well. “These guys mean business”, he says looking a tad perplexed.

Inflatable bunkers being set up
Inflatable bunkers being set up

“They do man. I got to bounce now. See you later? Don’t get shot in the balls though!”

I retort making contorted faces. The face of a man’s whose gonads have just felt the impact of a paint pellet cutting through the air at 150M/S.

“Just die! See you around bruh”, Steve says, walking away towards his team.

I saunter up to the Varcity Kenya team, exchange some pleasantries and get down to work. 12 teams are already awaiting kick-off. Two are missing, but promise to be there in a jiffy. African timers! Sigh.

So the 12 available teams get Huawei t-shirts, and the two missing ones get replaced.

14 teams, one battle! It’s going down for real.

Within no time, round one kicks off and all 14 teams are split into pairs as per how they will battle out each other. They get briefed about the rules and the whole paintball shebang by Jimmy, the game instructor/ assistant referee.


Figure 2: All teams getting briefed before kick off

Turns out paintball is a pretty easy game (from outside the battle field). Two teams go for each other’s throats per game, each team consisting of 5 members. The catch is to get the flag which is located at the centre of the battle field and cross it over to enemy territory without getting shot. If a team successfully plants the flag in the enemy’s base, they win.

The rules are simple too. The safety gear, more so the helmet, remains intact throughout the game. One is also not allowed to shoot at anyone within a radius of less than 6M. Break any of those, get eliminated.

All 14 teams played in round one. 2 teams per set, 7 sets in total.

Then all round one winners played against each other. 4 sets, after an extra team was selected to even out the number. This was the craziest round, with people pulling insane stunts and stalemates becoming an order of the day. At some point two teams got eliminated for breaking the rules over and over again.

Steve did not disappoint either. Dude was pulling Statham stunts in the field. I therefore was not surprised they won.

Round 3. Final round.

3 teams remaining. The last team standing wins. And they battled it out alright. For long. But we got the winners alright. After a grizzling 45 minutes!


So the entire game consisted of 3 rounds, after which the winning team in round 3 took home the goodies. Runners up also got to take home something.

The Winning team posing with their gifts

Overall, it was a fun filled day with a lot of adrenaline. And guys were already asking for a repeat of the same in the near future.

It will happen alright. No doubt.

By Nick Muthumbi