My Night With Nameless

Do I wear heels tonight or not?  Do I wear panties or go commando? Very important questions as I prepared for the night. A Nameless concert was what I had always wanted to attend since a young girl in high school. I have always had this fascination with him and now I was going to see him in the flesh!! It made me wet whenever I thought of him. Maybe it’s the fact that he was committed to his girl or the fact that he was scandal free, but I wanted to be his secret scandal. If my mum knew what was on my mind, Looord have mercy!

When we arrived, I instantly made my way through the crowd to the front row. Just before he went on stage I adjusted my bra which I had a feeling would be slipping off that night. I had worn the tightest skirt that accentuates my big behind and carried my rubber in my clutch bag. After he was done performing, I head to back stage. I pay the bouncer outside his changing room, yes, I may be crazy but I just had to speak to him.

Before I know it, there I am, face to face with the ‘Sinzia’ star. He stares straight into my eyes, shocked at first, but I claim to be in his team.  I get his clothes pressed for him in a slow motion and just as he thought I was leaving I ask for his autograph personally on one of my tits. As a sneak peak he smiles cheekily and goes ahead but what I forgot to tell him is to do it across my nipple. He stares at me, and abides. I smile coz he follows the rule, now my nipple is hard as soon as his hands brushes all over it. I ask him if he needs an autograph of me on his chest since I needed to know how it feels to leave my mark on a celebrity’s body. I can tell he knows what I want, but will he go with it?

I slowly whisper I’ve got nothing underneath my skirt, he’s shaken, I can see his fighting with himself, I help him by leading his hands on my flower. He can now feel the excitement I feel, he’s scared someone’s going to catch us, I tell him I got it all covered. His hands are shaking, but his pants are bulging out he needs to relax so I go down on my knees unzip his pants and take him whole in my mouth. His hands are moving, I can feel them brush my hair, and he’s getting into the idea now. This has to go down tonight!!

He gets me up, bends me to his dressing table and takes me from behind, this could ruin his career, this is wrong. What am I doing?? But fuck it feels good. I could tell his thoughts, by his thrusts, in my head I’m singing along to Sinzia and the fact that it is him makes me so excited! He’s hand is on my neck and his other hand is doing magic elsewhere, I bite my lips not to scream but am sure guys can hear us from outside. The bouncer knocks on the door he’s next on stage again.  I’m not done yet, he has to get on stage but am not through yet, guys can be heard chanting his name, and it acted as music in my year as if they were chanting him to go on, with the motion, this time he really has to go on …I must see his performance, I hope it’s as good as his earlier performance, but wait a minute will it be as long, I hope not.

My phone rings and my girl is on the other end,

Uko? Are you still coming to Nameless’ performance? We are picking you up in a few .

I chuckle,

You have no idea, I literally am!!

I look at myself at the mirror and yes, my plan has to go down tonight!

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