Today Kenyans have taken to the internet to give words of wisdom (or dumbness) to university students. These are the ones I found useful:

  1. Register as a voter

The cliché phrase, “the youth are the future” actually stands. Start the voter registration process as early as you can and make sure you participate in the general elections next year. Be sure to participate in making a change in Kenya.


  1. Be Innovative

When the going gets tough, get tough on the going. If you aren’t able to acquire a job find a way to survive and cash in some money. A degree doesn’t always equal a job.


  1. Your life is yours

Another cliché saying, “You came into this world alone and alone you shall leave.” Do not think even for one second that your fellow campus divas or goons will be there till you are 60.  Comradeship is within university, after that you are on your own bruh.



  1. Don’t bore yourself in campus

Middle life crisis is among the worst things to suffer from. Take time in your youth to explore and have fun (wisely).  Let loose a little because it shall soon be over.



  1. I think this tweet below sums it up