The most clicked on article topics are sex related. Possibly because people want to learn and know the most they can about it. Gone are the days having sex before clearing high school was such a big deal. Children as young as nine have either solicited sex or casually do it with friends . I asked my workmates what’s their take on  celibacy… a large majority believe it doesn’t exist. However, I want to lay out the myth and truth so that you can pick out wisely.
Myth: No one can remain celibate. I mean the pastors and priests are having a hard time keeping it tucked in. Doctors are using their patients as we saw earlier this week. So obviously the rest of us not held back by a sacred vow should carry on.
Truth: Out of your five friends three are celibate consciously or unconsciously. Probably a nasty break up prompted their asexual behavior, or sex simply bores them and isn’t as exciting as it used to be.
Myth: All slutty looking ladies are ratchet. I mean if she’s not covering herself appropriately, there’s nothing to hide anymore.
Truth: On social media there are those ladies or guys that post nudes and erotic photos for attention purposes. It doesn’t necessarily mean their muffin is cave-sized. The irony is that some have a no sex policy. It’s a paradox but I know we all have that one friend who is friendly and flirty but retreats as soon as you mention a one night stand.