Mzee Ojwang’ Seeking Medical Treatment For Depression and Partial Blindness. READ FULL DETAILS HERE. #OkoaMzeeOjwang


He has become a household name and a TV veteran with ageless humor. Since the age of VOK, Mzee Ojwang has ultimately put a smile on our faces. He has sprung again as the topic of discussion due to his illness.

Mzee Ojwang whose real name is Benson Wanjau was yesterday taken to hospital by the Sonko Rescue Team after his colleagues from the famed ‘VITIMBI’ show intervened. He is said to be partially blind and in a depressive state.

Led by Mama Kayai who is Ojwang’s onscreen wife, the Vitimbi crew paid Senetor Mike Sonko a courtesy call and explained that Mzee was ill.According to them Mzee Ojwang’ was unwell and is partially blind. He was taken to Loresho Hospital to see an ophthalmologist to help with his eye sight by the Sonko Rescue Team.

It is sad that our government neglects artists like these who have made history for our country. Many Kenyans are not happy about this and Kenyans on Twitter #KOT under the hashtag #OkoamzeeOjwang have asked for more organised assistance to Wanjau with the suggestion that a mobile platform for fundraising should be set up. . Others are requesting for an Mpesa line to assist the TV Hero who made us laugh for so many years. This is a sad situation that is leaving a bitter taste to whomever sees it.

What of the comedians we have today, is this their future?

Well, on behalf of Varcity Kenya, we wish Wanjau a quick recovery.