Naiboi formerly known as Rapdamu has been trending for the last couple of days with his new video, “2 in 1”.

The music video was released about five days ago and has so far gained a lot of buzz from both the public and the media as well. The song’s audio was produced in his own Pacho studios and mixed and mastered by Musyoka, Decimol records.

“2 in 1” is yet another love song from the “I wanna be” hit maker. The song talks about two guys who are in love and have somehow gotten attached to each other. The audio is Okay but the video is what has actually gotten most people talking.

The simplicity of the video is everything as the rapper only had other celebrities like Shaffie Weru, Kagwe Mungai and Nyashinski send him their clips vibing to the song and had them edited into a full music video.

Asked on the budget for the song’s video, the singer says he had it done on almost a zero budget as all he had to do was just buy the editor lunch. Almost sounds too good to be true but whatever he did is actually working for him and now the song stands at over 200, 000 million views on YouTube within just a period of five days.

Check out the song in the link below;