CHURCHThis year comes with its share of stories from all sectors of life. scandals fly right ,left and center involving, anyone and anything. Church in Kenya has also been in the limelight. the one place where people run to has its shares of difficulties. Satan also owns his church and the same church experiences issues.




Church of Satan Founder

The church of Satan was founded by Anton Szandor LaVe, in 1966.He is an American author, occultist, and musician. Apparently, there is a Nairobi church of Satan but the main church of Satan claims that the Nairobi church of Satan is fake and it does not exist as their own branch. the Nairobi church of Satan has been recruiting members and this actions offends the main church of Satan.

If persons in Kenya want to join the Church of Satan, then there are procedures.  you do so by sending in a request for membership and a one-time fee to the actual Church of Satan.